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2019-08-31 0 comments

In those days when there was no news about the current refrigerators and freezers, buildings were being built in cities called refrigerators. In these glaciers, some of the winter water was introduced from the water storage tank into a small, shallow tank, allowing freezing cold inside the refrigerator and then adding water again to allow ice to cool. It freezes and the depth of the ice gets deeper and deeper. They would then break the bulky ice and transfer it to the ice tank under the refrigerator dome so people and caravans could use it in the summer. One of the oldest of these glaciers is today in Meybod Yazd in the historical context alongside other historical monuments including Narin Qaleh and Shah Abbasi Caravanserai. If you include a visit to Maybod in your itinerary, be sure to visit this old fridge as well.